Friday, 15 June 2012

Get Innn.

Well folks, that's a wrap for me being a first year law student. Yesterday I finished off my final exam of this semester, and walked out leaving the cares of the world in the exam hall. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am that I made it at least one year, with now only two more years until I can (hopefully) walk out of uni, and waltz into law school. Yikes.

For now though, I am going to enjoy this summer like any teenager would, and meet up with all my mates who went out of London for uni, and what a reunion it shall be! Yet despite my plans for fun I shall still seek for legal work experience (I won't give up until I get something) and continue to work hard at the job I now have. Which isn't hard to do, as I absolutely love it. Working for a charity is definitely rewarding, with or without pay.

Well then, I just wanted to blog and let the world know that in general, everything here seems to be on the up, and I have great hope for the near and far future, especially in terms of my career. I think it's good to have some positive attitude whilst studying something like law at some point, or else you'd kill yourself eh?!

Anyway I better get some rest as I have to leave quite early (for a Saturday) for work tomorrow. But before I go, I'd like to say that all legally interested or qualified person(s) must refer to the BBC programme Silk. It is absolutely fantastic and entertaining to watch, even though some aspects of the film are a melodramatic version of how the Bar is in real life.
Okay, having said all this malarky, I am off. God knows when I'll blog again, I'm sure it won't be long, especially if I actually get some legal work experience. Ta for now! :-)

Friday, 8 June 2012

'Tis I, once again...

Hey again, I am back! I just wanted to update anyone who wanted to know the good news that I have an internship for this summer. It's nothing law based , it's a charity I work for but it's still experience, and I love it. The environment is very cool and easy going, and everybody I work with are very friendly and helpful, so I don't feel intimated, and always enjoy going to work!
Despite me finding a job, I am still on the lookout for any mini pupillage's etc, even though it's 'summer' now (despite the English rain) and so I may not find one, or one where I'd be required to do a lot of legal work. Whatever happens I am totally enjoying life at the moment. It's very weird that I am enjoying life, because I am the most busy nowadays, and often freak out when I realise how much I have to do each day.

Okay, so I only lead a youth choir at my church, go to work, meet up with friends, spend time with my family, look for legal work exp. and continue reading law but I'd say for a teen that's a lot to do eh? I just love it though. I love feeling like there's so much to do, it gives me an energy and zeal I wouldn't get if I were a couch potato. 
Also, there's a guy... at my workplace... Now, I still am not convinced that it would go anywhere, but can't help thinking he may like me, only because my colleagues pointed it out in the first place. They all tease me about how he only "has eyes for me" and only really speaks to me etc, but I'm sure he is just being nice. I just can't bring myself to believe that a gorgeous, blond haired and blue-eyed guy would think a dark skinned, short, chubby cheeked girl is pretty enough to fancy. I guess I'll see how everything plays out, but I am soo behind in the love department, I don't know how to "flirt" back or seem confident, all that kind of stuff makes me cringe and want to throw up.

I'm also not that girly. I mean, I'm not a strict tom-boy, but I like a good play fight with my brothers, watch a Chelsea match here and there, and would prefer to wear converses on my wedding day as opposed to glass slippers. I always freak out when I hear that a guy is interested in me, because I always think "If you knew the real weird, 80's obsessed, book worm, baggy jeans wearer I REALLY am you'd run a mile" So I always keep them at a distance. In addition to that, I have so many commitments (previously listed) that I simply couldn't get involved with anybody right now.  I feel like I'm finally beginning to enjoy my adolescence and freedom, but also becoming actively involved in everything I do (like church), that I just wouldn't hack it.

Yesterday, I went to my first proper gig to see a band I adore, and I got to meet them afterwards, taking pictures, and talking to them, inevitably getting back home late, but I had had so much fun I didn't care ( I had also called my mum to let her know I was fine so it wasn't too bad ha).I came home grinning, and in awe that I had actually met one of my favourite bands! I plan to do a lot more stuff where I can have fun with mates, because I'd hate to grow up thinking my youth was boring. Also, because I study a supposedly "boring" subject, I feel like I ought to make up for it by having fun with friends.

I'll wait and see how everything with this guy turns out, and how work as a whole turns out, but I won't worry too much about it all. I know this year will be the start of many new things in my life, and I am looking forwards to each event, like a child watching to see a shooting star. :)