Friday, 2 December 2011

Three months into law. Three years More..

Okay, three months into uni, and NOW I am feeling like a true law student. Not in a good way, in a 'OMG This work is soo hard, HELP ME LORD' kind of way. I keep up to date with all work that must be given in (sometimes I am even ahead) but that doesn't change the fact that I am still feeling the pressure.

Reading in advance still isn't enough either. How do I know this? Because every time I go to lectures and seminars, my lecturers give me ways and things I ought to be doing, that I had no idea I was meant to do. Yes, there is always something to improve on whatever field or circumstance you find yourself in, but when I'm told to improve or 'up my game' it is to such a high extent that I marvel whether I shall ever finish trying to reach there. For example, books. I am a natural reader, but law is about excessive reading, up to the point where you are reading 5-8 books minimum a week, and each chapter of each book could be a book in itself - No joke.

*breathes* It'll get better though. In a way, I embrace pressure, as it shows that I will always be on my toes and giving 110% into all. Also, seeing as I know that second, third year and even law school shall be harder, I guess I ought to get a grip right? Right? Mmmm... In other news, it's almost Christmas! I am extremely excited (as some may tell from my theme) and shall post a couple of Christmas special blogs. Asta luego. x


  1. Hang on in there... it definitely gets easier!!

    At some point in the first year, you tend to find the right balance in your reading / prep workload, so you're covering all the bases but not absolutely killing yourself doing so either.

    Going all-out for the whole academic year isn't just counter-productive - it's unachievable.

    I remember finding the law school sweet spot after the Christmas break in the first year. Keep taking the tablets... I'm sure you'll find it too. :-)

  2. ahh, that's true, I ought not to kill myself haha. Thanks so much, that's definitely reassuring! :)