Thursday, 16 June 2011


“In late 1926, Agatha Christie’s husband Archie revealed that he was in love with another woman, and wanted a divorce. On 8 December 1926, the couple quarrelled, and Archie Christie left their house in Berkshire to spend the weekend with his mistress. That same evening Agatha disappeared from her home. Her disappearance caused an outcry from the public, many of whom were admirers of Agatha Christie’s novels. Despite a massive manhunt, there were no results until eleven days later, when Christie was identified as a guest at a hotel in Yorkshire, where she was registered as ‘Mrs Teresa Neele’.

Christie gave no account of her disappearance.”

Teresa Neele (by Sator Arepo)

Why I Love... Gilmore Girls

Why I Love... Gilmore Girls

I love the apprentice, and was v sad to see Glenn leave. so i spoke to him on a live web chat via stylist magazine (

Aisha Brown
Added: 12:13 BST
hey Glenn i was very sad to see you leave, but am sure you will do very well in the future! how has being on the show changed your character despite not winning?

Glenn Ward
Added: 12:25 BST

Glenn says:

Hi Aisha. I've seen the flaws in my character and hope to change them to make me a better person. I've learnt so much from the experience. There are also some parts of me that other people have said are great qualities and have been highlighted in the show.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Feel free to have a cuppa :)

Coffee: The Good News
More than half of American adults drink coffee every day. Recent scientific studies suggest moderate consumption may help reduce some disease risks. The interactive graphic below contains information about some of coffee's possible health benefits. These studies are observational, meaning that researchers draw conclusions based on differences between the number of disease cases in coffee drinkers versus non-drinkers.

You can also learn facts about coffee consumption, view a comparison of the amount of caffeine in common beverages, or learn about some of coffee's downsides by clicking on the icons in the left navigation bar.


Monday, 13 June 2011

mother knows best. oh yes.

Come to think of it we (asuming you who reads this is young) actually receive a whole lotta wisdom from those above us. Most of the time we ignore it. Sometimes we pretend to accept it, other times we acknowledge it. But do we actually take it on board? If we did, we wouldn’t have so many things to complain about as much as we do. I mean, what those above us say is from their experiances, and there’s a saying that goes “a wise man learns from other people’s experiances” if we as young people wish to be a whole lot brighter and have unneccesary burdens lifted, we must listen and act upon what we hear. Just saying.. Xx

a cynist? pft.

So, my pastor made me realise why I don’t want to marry. I know I’m only 18 so I shouldn’t be thinking about marraige per se, but every young person wonders about it asit’s likely to be part of our future. Anyway so I realised it’s because I’m a perfectionist. This doesn’t mean I’m perfect, it means I wish to be, which would inevitably lead to depression because being perfect is impossible! knowing that someday some guy I’ve met will dive into my life, and conform it for his comfort freaks me out. All the ways I’ve been used to would have to change. All that I dream and know would be changed to suit him. My so called ‘perfect’ ways of doing things would be in a sense distorted for the sake of a man I’ve only known for a little while. But marraige isn’t about who sleeps with the light on and who doesn’t, or who blasts music in the shower whilst the other whispers doing chores, it is about the unity of two becoming one through love. Love never holds back, and love never holds on to negativity. It provides freedom in peace, to the extent that it would almost seem like childlike trust and foolish generosity. So someday I may marry, maybe I won’t. But if the time should come, I won’t let my fears of someone taking over my finances get in the way of life-long joy. I will let love take control. Spoken like a true cynist eh?! I don’t think I can call myself that anymore haha. Much love, Aisha Brown. X

Is it to you By Tsiky & Mirella & Poumy

Thursday, 2 June 2011

my rare negativity..

Why do I get so irritable? Usually I’m a “Happy-go-lucky, couldn’t care less” kind of person but then sudden outbursts of a critical, cynical, analytical and patronizing beast awakens. Maybe it’s because I hardly share what I’m really feeling. If someone says something stupid and asks me “that was stupid wasn’t it” I won’t say “well duh” I’ll say “oh don’t worry we all have our moments.” But I only do this on the basis that the moment I truly speak my mind, I’ll offend everyone everyday, and I don’t want to be the bad guy. So I guess I’ll just keep my critical opinions to myself even when people beg me to voice them, because “there’s power in the tongue” - Proverbs 18:21

pre law degree

okay because i haven't started my law degree yet the things that i post will not be law based, which is quite ironic because the whole point of this is to blog about law. but then again, a blog also gives people windows to voice what they might not necessarily voice verbally, and so I think that even when I begin my LLB Honors degree in Law i'll blog more than just 'Law', though my law based adventures may consume the majority of my blog.
going through a lot of Law blogs and listening to my friends' advice who already study law, i appreciate how hard this degree will be to get through, but i simply cannot wait. i currently live in London, but i'll be going to a Uni out of London to study, leaving everyone behind and kind of starting afresh studying something i'm most compelled by. Not that i despise my life in London, but i am someone who needs space from my mega family and I love to try new things. in short, i am ultra excited about going to Uni to study Law out of London. i just have to make sure I get the grades to get in...

Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything

a new book i recently finished reading. nothing to do with law, just literature, but it's still ultra cool.

okay i'm not new to the whole blogging thing, i've had a blog for a while now on tumblr ;but i haven't had a blog on this blogger website, so my blog will initially start off looking quite boring, but bare with me all ye millions of followers. i joined this blog for two reasons:
1. i wanted to make a blog where I can follow law students (as I am soon to become one come September fall)
2. my previous blog is exposed to all those who know me, so I can no longer voice my feelings, emotions or what i'm going through in the knowledge that no one I know will criticize or be nosy to know what's up with me.
so, this is my new blog, let's see how this'll go...