Friday, 15 June 2012

Get Innn.

Well folks, that's a wrap for me being a first year law student. Yesterday I finished off my final exam of this semester, and walked out leaving the cares of the world in the exam hall. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am that I made it at least one year, with now only two more years until I can (hopefully) walk out of uni, and waltz into law school. Yikes.

For now though, I am going to enjoy this summer like any teenager would, and meet up with all my mates who went out of London for uni, and what a reunion it shall be! Yet despite my plans for fun I shall still seek for legal work experience (I won't give up until I get something) and continue to work hard at the job I now have. Which isn't hard to do, as I absolutely love it. Working for a charity is definitely rewarding, with or without pay.

Well then, I just wanted to blog and let the world know that in general, everything here seems to be on the up, and I have great hope for the near and far future, especially in terms of my career. I think it's good to have some positive attitude whilst studying something like law at some point, or else you'd kill yourself eh?!

Anyway I better get some rest as I have to leave quite early (for a Saturday) for work tomorrow. But before I go, I'd like to say that all legally interested or qualified person(s) must refer to the BBC programme Silk. It is absolutely fantastic and entertaining to watch, even though some aspects of the film are a melodramatic version of how the Bar is in real life.
Okay, having said all this malarky, I am off. God knows when I'll blog again, I'm sure it won't be long, especially if I actually get some legal work experience. Ta for now! :-)

Friday, 8 June 2012

'Tis I, once again...

Hey again, I am back! I just wanted to update anyone who wanted to know the good news that I have an internship for this summer. It's nothing law based , it's a charity I work for but it's still experience, and I love it. The environment is very cool and easy going, and everybody I work with are very friendly and helpful, so I don't feel intimated, and always enjoy going to work!
Despite me finding a job, I am still on the lookout for any mini pupillage's etc, even though it's 'summer' now (despite the English rain) and so I may not find one, or one where I'd be required to do a lot of legal work. Whatever happens I am totally enjoying life at the moment. It's very weird that I am enjoying life, because I am the most busy nowadays, and often freak out when I realise how much I have to do each day.

Okay, so I only lead a youth choir at my church, go to work, meet up with friends, spend time with my family, look for legal work exp. and continue reading law but I'd say for a teen that's a lot to do eh? I just love it though. I love feeling like there's so much to do, it gives me an energy and zeal I wouldn't get if I were a couch potato. 
Also, there's a guy... at my workplace... Now, I still am not convinced that it would go anywhere, but can't help thinking he may like me, only because my colleagues pointed it out in the first place. They all tease me about how he only "has eyes for me" and only really speaks to me etc, but I'm sure he is just being nice. I just can't bring myself to believe that a gorgeous, blond haired and blue-eyed guy would think a dark skinned, short, chubby cheeked girl is pretty enough to fancy. I guess I'll see how everything plays out, but I am soo behind in the love department, I don't know how to "flirt" back or seem confident, all that kind of stuff makes me cringe and want to throw up.

I'm also not that girly. I mean, I'm not a strict tom-boy, but I like a good play fight with my brothers, watch a Chelsea match here and there, and would prefer to wear converses on my wedding day as opposed to glass slippers. I always freak out when I hear that a guy is interested in me, because I always think "If you knew the real weird, 80's obsessed, book worm, baggy jeans wearer I REALLY am you'd run a mile" So I always keep them at a distance. In addition to that, I have so many commitments (previously listed) that I simply couldn't get involved with anybody right now.  I feel like I'm finally beginning to enjoy my adolescence and freedom, but also becoming actively involved in everything I do (like church), that I just wouldn't hack it.

Yesterday, I went to my first proper gig to see a band I adore, and I got to meet them afterwards, taking pictures, and talking to them, inevitably getting back home late, but I had had so much fun I didn't care ( I had also called my mum to let her know I was fine so it wasn't too bad ha).I came home grinning, and in awe that I had actually met one of my favourite bands! I plan to do a lot more stuff where I can have fun with mates, because I'd hate to grow up thinking my youth was boring. Also, because I study a supposedly "boring" subject, I feel like I ought to make up for it by having fun with friends.

I'll wait and see how everything with this guy turns out, and how work as a whole turns out, but I won't worry too much about it all. I know this year will be the start of many new things in my life, and I am looking forwards to each event, like a child watching to see a shooting star. :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

hi all.

I'm back. But only to say that despite my brill birthday last month I am still gutted.
Gutted that Borris is still our mayor after a seemingly promising may3rd.
Gutted that I have an exam tomorrow and practically everyday hence forth up until the end of this month.
And gutted that I have assignments due in too.
So what am I doing online? I came to say hello.
Okay bye now :) the way I am not a misery guts I promise.
I am happy about some things, like the caramel machiatto which awaits me.
Alrighty I'm leaving now...

Monday, 20 February 2012


Hello, long time so see eh? Well I have been a busy bee you know, being a law student and all. I also learn Spanish and play my guitar during spare time so I am always doing something, but I am back yaay!
Anyway I wanted to blog something very positive this time round. Last week my lecture class and I went on a trip to visit some chambers (which if you don't know are where barristers work) by strand, Inner Temple and Middle Temple. They were absolutely wicked, and I fell in love with the old buildings and their hogwarts themed dining hall.

I also had the lucky chance of having a cuppa with a QC (Queen's Counsel,i.e senior barrister) who gave me great encouragement me as well as describing the realities of the job. I thought it may throw me off but the whole experience encouraged all the more to go into the field of law.I found it incredibly compelling and thrilling, despite all the negative points the QC raised (which I think I could handle). I honestly feel like God himself wants me to go into the field of law, which I guess means I have the 'go-ahead' from above eh?!

The whole day seemed magical, and as I wondered around the chambers I could visualise myself working there and doing my pupillage there too! Which reminds me, the QC I spoke to said he definitely wants to see me again, so I shall try and get a mini pupillage from him, I think he would give me a good reference and I need all the work experience I can get. So all in all I am exceedingly encouraged, and today I even picked up a magazine which had two articles on inspirational young girls who have begun their own businesses or become successful by not giving up. So that's what I'll do. Not start a business, (at least, not now) I won't give up. :-)

Monday, 9 January 2012

'Racial equality' Is really just a phrase.

Last week the news of the Stephen Lawrence case obtaining partial justice re-opened Britain's shut eyes on how bad this country was and still is when dealing with racial issues. Then our fellow Labour MP Dianne Abbot claimed that "White people love playing (the) 'divide and rule' game." Which of course brought an uproar in the media,provoking her to apologise and step down from her post very grudgingly. Now, I disagree and agree with Mrs Abbot here. Don't shoot me yet I haven't explained myself. I am in no way racist, and have (like many others) tried to ignore the topic of racial issues when possible, but like Danny John Jules: "One day I woke up and realised I was black, that I was always going to be black, and that racism would always be there." So now when I hear of things like the Stephen Lawrence case or see racism before me, my blood boils. Okay, back to Mrs Abbott. I agree with her in the sense that there is a game of "divide and rule" going on. I disagree with her because I don't think it is solely white people. Black,white,asian,oriental,mixed races, all of us divide ourselves. I've seen it in every institution I have been in (aside from my church which is good eh). From primary school where there were only three white people in my class and nobody spoke to them because everybody thought they were 'smelly' (mind you this is in Britain, London, a place packed with people of different backgrounds) to college where there were literally two cafeterias, one where white people hung out, and the other where black people and asians were. Uni isn't so bad, but I cannot say people 'grow out' of these silly racial prejudices, because I am sure people see/feel/do this same kind of segregational (if that's a word) stuff in all stages of their lives.

People seriously have to stop looking on the outward appearances and thinking that because someone is a particular race, they will act a certain way or ought to be treated a certain way. Someone even tweeted that "'s incredible that we're still in charge of everything." The "We're" being "white people". Who the Hell said any race is superior or in charge of anything? What worried me is that I saw this tweet on my timeline because   a lawyer 're-tweeted' it. I don't want to enter law school and be intimidated (as I was on some of the open days) because I am the only black person there, and have a hunch that all the white,upper/middle-class,most likely Oxford/Cambridge students will get immense and immediate preference over me.

What if I am better than the 'typical' white middle class girl for the job? How would anyone know if they always prejudge? Even with the police, as horrified I was to hear that they literally threw what Lawrences' mother had handed over to them back in her face because they too were in on the racist malicious behaviour, I am not surprised. Even today the police stop myself and my brothers more than our white friends, and when I am with white friends only, I am never stopped. If so, I am usually searched more than my fellow Caucasians.

Please, remember once again that I am not racist, so when I refer to white people as 'caucasians' or whatever I previously said, I mean in no way to offend or mock any of them. Back to topic,I do feel the tension between races. During college I made friends with a lot of middle class white people. It took ages for them to stop prejudging me, and realising that I am in no way related with gangs, am serious about my education, and would actually prefer a book to an iPod. It annoyed me so much that they even tried to speak 'gangster' to me because they thought I was like that, and one of the guys thought he could only relate to me by saying he "saw someone get stabbed." It became ridiculous when people only tried to set me up with black guys, as though I wouldn't dream of dating a white guy, even though I prefer gingers!

Anyway, I think I am getting too personal with this so back to generalization. Anyone remember Teresa May's attempts to cut down immigration? With the 'go ahead' from Mr Cameron of course. How can people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds flourish in a land where they feel as though they are being pushed away? (and let's face it, this is what they're doing) who will rise and be a mixed race prime minister, or future asian Lord Sugar, or even a black Einstein, if everybody pushes everybody away? Do not be afraid or paranoid of other races. Whites, black people don't bite. Asians, appreciate Caucasians. Blacks, crack the ice between you and others. (made it rhyme on purpose *bows* thank you, thank you.)

Sorry if this post was ill structured as I believe it to be, I just wanted to rant and vent in some constructive form. Oh and um, I really ought to lighten the mood of my blogposts eh? I'm working on it, I'm working on it (Happy new year once again) ;)

Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year All!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, just been very busy this festive season. Christmas and new years' was fantastic, but I dont have time to go into details, but I just wanted to let you know I am still alive thank God! I actually forgot I was a law student, so that proves I have been super celebratory! Anyway, I promise I shall blog soon. I am still on a break from uni though.. x

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The importance of books. Because they are important...


Ever since the age of four, my mum took me to our local library, and introduced me the wonderful world of books. I have developed a passion for books ever since, which may therefore come as no surprise that I now study law (which requires excessive reading) but that I always have two books minimum with me to read, where ever I may be.

I was therefore a bit gutted to discover via the Stylist magazine that nearly four million children in Britain do not own ANY books. None whatsoever. I brought the article home from uni to read further, and turn on the TV, to watch a programme on BBC1, about how physical hard copy books are becoming extinct by these online, E-books, which young people may not read anyway because they concern themselves more so with social networks.

I personally find it appalling that young people are growing up in a world of booklessness (I just invented a word, I know). The adventure to travel to an actual bookstore, or make the mature decision to join a library, is part of the voyage of growing up. I am sure I am not the only one who can say that all the books I read and still read, make me who I am today.

Yet this is also true for those who waste their time solely on social networks and the like. (I say solely because I acknowledge the importance of social networks, as I have plenty, but only when used moderately.) People who spend more time on social networks, fretting over how many ‘followers’ they have, or how many ‘like’ their facebook statuses, are more likely to have low self esteem, caring more about what others think about them, than those who spend time away from the world time and again to spend time in another world, in another book, in another adventure.

I think it is time for people, young and old (although I dare say the old have inherited the great habit of reading) to take it upon themselves to read. To open their eyes to worlds beyond their own. To deepen and improve their vocabulary, as the reason many young people have adopted ‘slang’ as their first language (if that’s what such a vile dialect can be called) is due to these social networks and online activity as opposed to spending more time with books and knowledgeable pastimes.

Books not only broaden your vocabulary, open your eyes, deepen your mind and intellect, but also generate positive attitudes in human behaviour. The mere process of setting out to read something (usually in a tranquil environment) and carry it out till the end, promotes patience, and I have personally found myself grow in patience, in comparison to my sister who was not brought up with books as much as I was. So, having said all this (with little facts or figures, maybe if this was an article I could’ve provided facts, but I have no time to research, and my brother wants to use the computer) I hereby declare my urging you to read read read! Oh you do so already? Fantastic! :-)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Three months into law. Three years More..

Okay, three months into uni, and NOW I am feeling like a true law student. Not in a good way, in a 'OMG This work is soo hard, HELP ME LORD' kind of way. I keep up to date with all work that must be given in (sometimes I am even ahead) but that doesn't change the fact that I am still feeling the pressure.

Reading in advance still isn't enough either. How do I know this? Because every time I go to lectures and seminars, my lecturers give me ways and things I ought to be doing, that I had no idea I was meant to do. Yes, there is always something to improve on whatever field or circumstance you find yourself in, but when I'm told to improve or 'up my game' it is to such a high extent that I marvel whether I shall ever finish trying to reach there. For example, books. I am a natural reader, but law is about excessive reading, up to the point where you are reading 5-8 books minimum a week, and each chapter of each book could be a book in itself - No joke.

*breathes* It'll get better though. In a way, I embrace pressure, as it shows that I will always be on my toes and giving 110% into all. Also, seeing as I know that second, third year and even law school shall be harder, I guess I ought to get a grip right? Right? Mmmm... In other news, it's almost Christmas! I am extremely excited (as some may tell from my theme) and shall post a couple of Christmas special blogs. Asta luego. x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Set on the things ahead.

Today I went to an open evening for the Kaplan Law school. It was very useful for giving me all the info I need so far to prepare for post grad as a student lawyer, and after today, I definitely want to apply for a post-grad law vocational course there.

I initially went to their campus for Business studies, but one of the tutors cordially walked me to the correct campus, where I was greeted with chocolate, and a guy who had seen my tweet on going to the open evening, saying I should follow them on twitter (which I am now.) there was wine (white wine!) and I was given a pack of useful info in relation to applying for training contracts/pupillage's and of the law school itself, before having a mini talk on the former topics.

I was really impressed and grateful that they gave a lot of information for law students, despite us not having secured a place there yet. There was a lot of information I received by going there that I have not been told at uni! I think it was also quite encouraging to go there and find such a great atmosphere for working and relaxing. I thank God I live in London, as it was so much more easier for me to travel there, as opposed to some people who had to pay more to travel from out of London.

Going to this open evening, allowed me to set my eyes on the things ahead. It's better for me to study harder now, in the knowledge that that will assist in my being accepted at this and other law schools. I needed to have some sort of focus as to why I am studying so much, because all the books,cases and legislations can sometimes blind, as well as suffocate me.

For now, I shall continue to study hard, gaining work experience wherever I can, so that a few years down the line (when I hopefully secure a 1st or 2:1) I will be one of those taken by Kaplan's gracious arms, to study more law, and get a career in it!  Now, where is that book on EU law? :-)