Monday, 9 January 2012

'Racial equality' Is really just a phrase.

Last week the news of the Stephen Lawrence case obtaining partial justice re-opened Britain's shut eyes on how bad this country was and still is when dealing with racial issues. Then our fellow Labour MP Dianne Abbot claimed that "White people love playing (the) 'divide and rule' game." Which of course brought an uproar in the media,provoking her to apologise and step down from her post very grudgingly. Now, I disagree and agree with Mrs Abbot here. Don't shoot me yet I haven't explained myself. I am in no way racist, and have (like many others) tried to ignore the topic of racial issues when possible, but like Danny John Jules: "One day I woke up and realised I was black, that I was always going to be black, and that racism would always be there." So now when I hear of things like the Stephen Lawrence case or see racism before me, my blood boils. Okay, back to Mrs Abbott. I agree with her in the sense that there is a game of "divide and rule" going on. I disagree with her because I don't think it is solely white people. Black,white,asian,oriental,mixed races, all of us divide ourselves. I've seen it in every institution I have been in (aside from my church which is good eh). From primary school where there were only three white people in my class and nobody spoke to them because everybody thought they were 'smelly' (mind you this is in Britain, London, a place packed with people of different backgrounds) to college where there were literally two cafeterias, one where white people hung out, and the other where black people and asians were. Uni isn't so bad, but I cannot say people 'grow out' of these silly racial prejudices, because I am sure people see/feel/do this same kind of segregational (if that's a word) stuff in all stages of their lives.

People seriously have to stop looking on the outward appearances and thinking that because someone is a particular race, they will act a certain way or ought to be treated a certain way. Someone even tweeted that "'s incredible that we're still in charge of everything." The "We're" being "white people". Who the Hell said any race is superior or in charge of anything? What worried me is that I saw this tweet on my timeline because   a lawyer 're-tweeted' it. I don't want to enter law school and be intimidated (as I was on some of the open days) because I am the only black person there, and have a hunch that all the white,upper/middle-class,most likely Oxford/Cambridge students will get immense and immediate preference over me.

What if I am better than the 'typical' white middle class girl for the job? How would anyone know if they always prejudge? Even with the police, as horrified I was to hear that they literally threw what Lawrences' mother had handed over to them back in her face because they too were in on the racist malicious behaviour, I am not surprised. Even today the police stop myself and my brothers more than our white friends, and when I am with white friends only, I am never stopped. If so, I am usually searched more than my fellow Caucasians.

Please, remember once again that I am not racist, so when I refer to white people as 'caucasians' or whatever I previously said, I mean in no way to offend or mock any of them. Back to topic,I do feel the tension between races. During college I made friends with a lot of middle class white people. It took ages for them to stop prejudging me, and realising that I am in no way related with gangs, am serious about my education, and would actually prefer a book to an iPod. It annoyed me so much that they even tried to speak 'gangster' to me because they thought I was like that, and one of the guys thought he could only relate to me by saying he "saw someone get stabbed." It became ridiculous when people only tried to set me up with black guys, as though I wouldn't dream of dating a white guy, even though I prefer gingers!

Anyway, I think I am getting too personal with this so back to generalization. Anyone remember Teresa May's attempts to cut down immigration? With the 'go ahead' from Mr Cameron of course. How can people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds flourish in a land where they feel as though they are being pushed away? (and let's face it, this is what they're doing) who will rise and be a mixed race prime minister, or future asian Lord Sugar, or even a black Einstein, if everybody pushes everybody away? Do not be afraid or paranoid of other races. Whites, black people don't bite. Asians, appreciate Caucasians. Blacks, crack the ice between you and others. (made it rhyme on purpose *bows* thank you, thank you.)

Sorry if this post was ill structured as I believe it to be, I just wanted to rant and vent in some constructive form. Oh and um, I really ought to lighten the mood of my blogposts eh? I'm working on it, I'm working on it (Happy new year once again) ;)

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