Thursday, 2 June 2011

pre law degree

okay because i haven't started my law degree yet the things that i post will not be law based, which is quite ironic because the whole point of this is to blog about law. but then again, a blog also gives people windows to voice what they might not necessarily voice verbally, and so I think that even when I begin my LLB Honors degree in Law i'll blog more than just 'Law', though my law based adventures may consume the majority of my blog.
going through a lot of Law blogs and listening to my friends' advice who already study law, i appreciate how hard this degree will be to get through, but i simply cannot wait. i currently live in London, but i'll be going to a Uni out of London to study, leaving everyone behind and kind of starting afresh studying something i'm most compelled by. Not that i despise my life in London, but i am someone who needs space from my mega family and I love to try new things. in short, i am ultra excited about going to Uni to study Law out of London. i just have to make sure I get the grades to get in...

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