Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The choice to voice my opinions.

Today at uni my lecturer ended a seminar by asking us 'If we had 30 days to live, what would we spend it doing?' One 'joker of the class' said he'd spend it having all the sex he wanted. I rolled my eyes, and others tutted in expectation of such a typical response.

Then a woman (we have young people and a few older people studying with us) said the same thing, laughing. At this, I spoke up in disbelief and reproach. I was astonished that she would proudly degrade herself and the reputation of her sex by stating something like this. I was also upset that she made no mention of showing regards to her family, who would be left behind if that actually happened.

This is a woman who has three children, one of them being autistic. I was outraged that she could display such ignorance of how to consider loved ones, but as I looked around, I knew I wasn't the only one who felt this way.
Yet because I was the only one who verbally conveyed my disapproval, she launched an argument, saying that I have no right to judge her or her opinions. I responded (barely audibly as the whole class was in an uproar by now) saying that I honestly did not mean to offend her, but had to state my disapproval of such a statement from such a woman of responsibilities.

I am sure she thought that because the young boy had said it, she was also entitled to. But this boy is one of ignorance, arrogance, inexperience, and little responsibility. A woman of many experiences and responsibilities, cannot align herself to a younger boy like that, thinking it acceptable. I just found it shameful and almost repulsive.

Was I right to voice such repulse, or ought I just to have kept it to myself as others did? I began to question my verbal actions when she suddenly packed her bag and stormed out of the classroom, even though my friends said she was being a bit of a drama queen, and couldn't hack the truth.

The thing is, some people ought to hear such reproof to change their ignorant ways, despite how right they think they are. I am someone who openly accepts constructive criticism, as only my loved ones provide this, so I know it must be for my benefit. Maybe she had never got the training I have growing up, and so now she lives chaotically and irresponsibly, doing as she pleases. There is no excuse for what she said, and I genuinely believe that we must all wake up, smell the coffee and change from our naive behaviours to become better people. Sometimes constructive criticism does that.


  1. She might also just be massively hacked-off with life...

  2. haha, some guy said she's not getting enough now lol. It was a bit inappropriate of her though