Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Grr, Money, Grr...

I've been at uni for about two months, and not a single penny of my loan or grant from student finance has found it's way into my account. Not one. Not even a sixth pence (whatever value that'd have would be more than I have in my account anyhow.) Why? Ask the indecisive student finance.

Every time I fill out yet another form, they find a flaw so significant that they refuse to pay me. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be as infuriated, if my parents were filthy rich (like other friends at uni) or if I had a part time job (which apparently nobody requires me to have.) but I don't. I haven't a penny, my mum's out of work to look after my baby sister, and my dad has another 5 mouths to feed other than my own. I have no idea why this financially instability has befallen on me.

Although my parent's struggle financially, and I live in a supposedly 'deprived' part of London, I have no criminal record, I didn't take part in the summer riots, I don't miss lectures, and I study hard. I wanted to take a career in law for partly this reason. Hopefully when I become a qualified lawyer, I'd be able to help my family and myself gain financial stability, and pay for my baby sis to go to a private school and end up in oxford. Until then, must I live in poverty? And how on earth can an organization which claims to help people, not fulfill it's purpose? Finally, where on Earth do I go from here? I feel as though my hope is dying (and I've applied for copious jobs, they never get back to me.) :(


  1. That's really crappy... sorry to hear you've been struggling financially.

    Have you not had any luck finding a position as Christmas temp in retail... surely there must be something with an odd few hours to fit your schedule. Or try down your student union... there's always something popping up, people dropping out etc. (At least that was the case when I was last at uni).

    Failing that, how about selling sponsorship on your blog. I'm sure there are a few personal injury firms who'd give you a go! :-)

  2. aww, thanks for the concern :) a lot of retailers said I couldn't begin applying until this month for Christmas temps, but now it's hit November I'll be applying like crazy. I don't know how to sell sponsorship on my blog, how could I go about it?

  3. Best of luck re. job hunting - I'm sure something will turn up!

    Re. sponsors, I don't really know - they always contact me rather than the other way around.
    Maybe a shameless post about a personal injury story wouldn't hurt. Anything like that tends to whet their appetites!!