Monday, 14 November 2011

Law on TV. (And I don't mean those awful PPI adverts...)

On Sunday I watched Garrow's Law for the first time. I must admit, after the poor representation of the courts in The Jury, I found myself discouraged yet again (despite my lecturers warnings) at the misinterpretation of the legal world by media, even though the main focus of that show was on the public anyway.

I flicked to BBC1 on Sunday evening, and was initially drawn to the show, having perceived it as a periodic drama (I love em). I continued watching as I became engaged with the case itself (a mentally ill terrorist of the day, attempting to assassinate the King to result in his being hanged for treason.) and how the Barrister Garrow (who actually existed might I add) would argue his case for the defence of this troubled defendant.

I was engaged with this episode from it's commencement to it's dramatic and emotional ending, capturing the audiences undivided attention throughout, whilst still maintaining an easy plot for us to follow. I was not surprised to discover that this successful programme has gone well into it's 3rd season, despite me watching it on Sunday for the first time.

What I enjoyed most about this programme was the ability it had as a whole to widen people's perspectives of the legal world. A lot of people have a distorted view of lawyers, thinking them all liars and apathetic deceivers. Yet this programme (despite it being set in another era) portrayed a degree of realism to the lives of lawyers.

Garrow actually had his own domestic anxieties to concern himself with (his wife attempting to legally own her son,stolen by her 'ex. Yep, normal life.) he did not throw his hands up and say 'I'm done'. He continued to defend the guy no one believed deserved defending. That's the kind of lawyer I aspire to be. I want to give people who otherwise wouldn't have a voice, exactly that. I'd like to represent and aid people who don't have the legal knowledge or confidence to do so independently. For me, that's what Garrow's Law is all about ultimately, and that's why, above all other legal TV shows around, I shall solely watch this one alone, religiously. So, Huzzah to Garrow. :-)


  1. Great PPI reference there... you'll have the link-seeking masses knocking at your door before long!! ;-)

    I don't watch legal dramas of any description ...(I end most work days all 'lawed-out' ... everything in moderation, right?!

    Love the new background btw!! :-)

  2. hehe, thanks, I hope so!
    And I don't blame you, perhaps once I qualify into a legal profession I'll become more 'lawed out', or even as my degree progresses I guess.

    And cheers again! I wanted it to be all Christmassy! :)