Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ed Miliband is 'pretty normal'? I guess going to Oxford is normal right...

During Ed Miliband's Speech last night he addressed people's views on him, beginning with his joke about his 'nose job'. But when he spoke of opinions of him being quite negative, thinking he was "weird", he was not so 'jokey'. He told the Labour party and all viewers that he is a "Pretty normal guy." it is understandable that as a labour leader and leader in opposition, he would want to gain the countries trust, and persuade them that he is one of us, but the words 'normal' and average do not correlate with this 41 year old. Him going to Oxford immediately detaches himself from the minute percentage of those who go to other (and lower in the hierarchy)  institutions. He also made sure he claimed himself as his own man, not in the least like Blair or Brown, which is understandable, as Brown did not gain the public's favour, and neither did Blair toward the end of his office. But Blair was a man who managed to stay in his office for at least three terms, so surely he did something right? Cutting yourself off from a man who had lead a leading government for decades would convey a confusion and ignorance in terms of knowing where your party has come from, and what it has been through. So to me, so far, I have not seen any similarities between Mr. Miliband and myself. Do you?

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