Friday, 30 September 2011

Here's the email I sent to Mr Miliband (Ed of course....) let's hope he actually replies.

***** ******
Hello Mr Miliband. I would firstly like to congratulate you on your speech
at the labour conference this week in Liverpool.
I did very much enjoy viewing your evident enthusiasm 
on this 'New Labour' concept, and hearing the 'promise of Britain' as your motto,
however I do feel that Britain has received far too many 'promises' 
for us to believe any of them to have any substantial truth in them any more.

There are two flaws and anomalies I noted during the course of your speech in particular.
One of which was the evident ambiguity of distinguishing the 'predators' from the 'producers',
just how would you propose to go about regulating businesses in such a way as to define them?
Also, in terms of giving those who 'benefit society' priority for housing, how would you
propose to determine who benefits society, if after these people get their homes, stop
their community commitments?

I do understand that there must be an effective equality system where people get what they deserve,
however I do feel that there are grey areas in your tactics for tackling this problem, and it does
seem to me (judging by your speech as I haven't heard of your sentiments otherwise, aside from when 
you criticised the public sector union strike which may take place in November.) that your ideas 
and approaches to tackle Britain's issues day by day increasingly become more right-wing based.
What is your response to this?

I do hope that you take this email into serious consideration and respond satisfactorily to the
out cry of the public. Thank you very much,
Yours sincerely,
***** *******

You can do so too, via 'Dear Mr. Miliband

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