Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Troy Davis.

So it has been pronounced that Troy was executed, despite the substantial evidence giving mitigating factors. (I watched it live for an hour after he was due to be executed, but now I have to sleep.) Anyway, I was infuriated when someone I 'follow' tweeted "But on a real tho, no 1 really cares bout the case. After he's killed we will alll go ahead and start gbaa alerting peeps. That's life" (whatever 'GBAA' means I haven't the foggiest.)

Yes, Death is a part of life.Yes, everybody dies. But it does not mean that we should become apathetic towards the ways in which peoples' lives are unnecessarily or unjustly ended. I believe that everyone ought to gain a good quality of life, and those who do, should not become callous and inconsiderate to those who don't. It is attitudes like this which evoke such awful events as the summer riots (which I had to witness) or even on a wider scale, the deaths caused by the twin tower crashes.

The idea that "if someone dies, they die" Is probably what has kept the death row in legislation in a 1st world country like America for so long, and it is time that legislation was scrapped. It does not benefit anybody when a death occurs on both the defendants' side and prosecutions' side of the case, and it is depressing to think that almost a century after Ghandi's death, his words "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" have evidently been disregarded and trivialised by the American Government.

For those who don't care about cases like Troy's, it is time people began to open their eyes to see that the world consists of more people than just themselves, or the people they like, but people they may never have even heard of. Ugh. Rotten ignorant attitude aggravates me immensely. Rant over.

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